There's Always Tomorrow

Have you ever started a project and then said to yourself "there's always tomorrow" and then that tomorrow comes and you haven't completed the task you set for yourself the day before? That's called procrastination. How many of us procrastinate? Be honest with yourself. I’m guilty! At times I think that I am multi-tasking but I’m actually procrastinating. I have an ever growing “To Do” list that has the nagging tendency to never get shorter. Why is that? Well for me, I know it’s not for a lack of a “doingness" because I seem to be constantly “doing", but the ultimate question is: Am I being productive and completing my tasks? The answer is sometimes. At times for certain I am, but ther

Calling all "Gumby" People

Anyone old enough to remember the old Gumby and Pokey claymation television show? Well I certainly am! I'm pretty certain that is where the term Gumby manifested in relation to flexibility as gumby was a malleable figure made out of clay that could be molded any which way. I was considered a certified "Gumby" throughout most of my career........meaning I was very flexible. Now as a dancer that is a great attribute to have but also a very dangerous one if you do not have the strength to match. We will discuss more on strength at a later time. To Stretch Or Not To Stretch? Well in my own humble opinion stretching is a necessary aspect of life. We all do it even if we're not aware of it. Wh

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