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Be Who You Are, Here And Now

How many of us dwell on our past achievements and compare them to those of today? How many of us dwell on past failures which keep us from achieving today?

I'm willing to bet that there are a lot of us who do that and in doing so put a Big Fat Stop in our way. By dwelling on out past failures our belief in ourselves can become limited.

We may say to ourselves "I never was able to do that back then so why would I be able to do it now?" Or "I was so successful at such and such when I was younger and I'll never be able to achieve that same success let alone a greater one."

We so often compare ourselves to others, which we all know is a big mindset "no no" but when we compare ourselves to ourselves and think of ourselves as "less than"...well that's just down right wrong.

I'm not sure there's anything more detrimental than that to put the kibosh on our creativity, confidence and abilities. As I said we so often compare ourselves to other people and other peoples achievements which is bad enough. We all have different lives, different upbringings, different goals, different skill sets and no one will ever be anyone other than themselves. But I really believe that we are the only ones who truly stand in the way of our own success.


Let's take a look at what has to say. Success as defined in the dictionary:




1. the favourable outcome of something attempted

2. the attainment of wealth, fame, etc

3. an action, performance, etc, that is characterized by success

4. a person or thing that is successful

5. obsolete any outcome

[C16: from Latin successus an outcome, from succēdere to succeed]


How one measures success is specific to that individual. As defined in #2 above success is defined as the attainment of wealth and fame. That is how our society looks at it in general. Am I right?

However, success comes in many forms. One can be successful at growing plants or a growing a family. One might be a success at keeping their house clean or at being an optimist, or successful as the best Starbucks Barista. If you're happy at what you're achieving then in my eyes you're a success.

But if you have your thoughts stuck in the past, projecting future wants, not doing anything to achieve them and ultimately not happy with your present situation then success becomes elusive at best.


My advice is to get out of your own way and start thinking of what you want to achieve and what you need to do in the here and now to achieve it. Forget the past and do not dwell on the should have's and could haves.

Be in the here and now and DO! You CAN have success in all that you aspire to and dream of. You CAN achieve and accomplish today. Your day to day doingness measures your success and it will set you up for your successes of tomorrow.


In closing I want to share a very inspirational video of one of the world's most successful ballerina's. I had the good fortune of sharing the stage with her during my years at American Ballet Theatre. Remember as we age, our life experiences only enhance our ever-changing present.


And for those of you who are looking for a little motivation. Here's some help. If you want success in weight loss and attaining optimum health I encourage you to visit

I fully endorse this program and I have just successfully completed the entire training academy. This is unlike any other program you've ever seen.

Here's to your success!


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