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Why I Post Photos Like This

There are times when I’ve had attention about posting photos of my body and some people (very, very few) have even commented on it asking me what I’m selling (which is, in fact, why I started questioning some of my posts).

The reality is that the majority of my over 12K Facebook followers and friends love and support everything I post.

So what am I selling? I’m selling fitness and specifically fitness for people in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Here’s the truth. I’m in the fitness industry. I’m a personal trainer, Gyrotonic instructor and elite ballet coach. I’m going to be 54 years old in February and I work very hard to stay healthy and in shape. It’s also something on which I work very hard with my clients.

I’ve heard people say that my fitness level is due to genetics, or because I was a professional ballerina for so many years. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not all genetics. Many members of my family are not “genetically disposed” to being lean, in fact just the opposite. And being a ballerina early in life does not equate to being in dancing shape later in life.

Just look at any professional athlete. Some stay fit after they retire and some do not. The reason ballerinas stay in shape is because they dance EVERY DAY, they work EVERY DAY, much like a professional football player or olympic athlete.

But as we get older it’s a constant battle to stay fit and stay healthy. For me there are areas that not matter how hard I try, don’t get in the shape I would love them to be. My butt and my stomach are just two of them.

After having two kids in my 40’s I, like many women, have resulting body complications. Things like Diastasis Recti which is the partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis, or “six-pack” muscles, which meet at the midline of your stomach. This happens sometimes during pregnancy and trust me…it’s not fun.

And you moms out there know that there are other issues that occur during childbirth that really mess with the body and can stay with you forever. But I don’t give up because I want to BE healthy. I want to BE here for my children for as long as I can and staying fit and healthy is a huge part of that.

Even if you’ve never had kids we still face huge challenges as we get older. Challenges that can seem to spiral out of control, specifically hormones that affect our metabolism, the foods that we eat, sleep, lessening mobility, lack of time and shifts in lifestyle priority. These are all things I address with my clients to push forward despite the obstacles of age.

So I post photos to show what is possible in your 50’s when you apply the right nutrition and exercise program. I post photos because I am a proud and fit soon to be 54 year old wife and mother of 2.

Everyone is different and everyone has different results but you CAN make long lasting changes if you confront the reality of what needs to get done.

So here’s to an amazing 2020 and here’s to being fit over 40, 50, 60 and 70!

I’ll be launching a new online program in 2020 which you can access from anywhere in the world. I invite you to join my free newsletter for fitness and nutritional tips in the coming year.

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